Jacqueline Fernandez wardrobe malfunction viral video.


Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez, oops moment - flaunts ample cleavage at a World Environment Day event. 

Jacqueline Fernandez cleavage wardrobe malfunction
Jacqueline Fernandez oops moments | photo : youtube

Showing her love for the environment and support a good cause, Jacqueline Fernandez attended a tree planting event at World Environment Day. Little did she known her oops moment at the event would be the news for many news media tabloids the next day.

At the event, Jacqueline showed up in a blue outfit with plunging neckline. The actress looked stunning as always but she ended up facing a wardrobe malfunction when she has to bend and sit down to plant the tree. The actress unintentionally let the paparazzi capture her ample cleavage show. The videos has been since going around on internet.

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