Indian wife has extra marital sex with a stranger - Actress Sameera Reddy hot sex scene from Migration


Watch this hot sex scene of Sameera Reddy as a Housewife who seduces a stranger (plyaed by Shiny Ahuja) and has sex with him.

sameera reddy hot sex scene
Sameera Reddy hottest sex scene | photo : youtube

Indian actress Sameera Reddy played the role of a housewife named Divya in 2007 released short film titled Migration. The movie featured the actress in a steamy hot sex scene with Shiny Ahuja. Divya is a sexually frustrated housewife who seduces a worker played by Shiny Ahuja and has a quick sex. Shiny snatches Sameera's necklace as a reward for satisfying her sexual urges and leaves.

The film is directed by Mira Nair on the theme of AIDS awarenss.

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