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Josekutty (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a hard-working auto rickshaw driver from a good family. Josekutty falls in love with Jansi, whose sister Nancy is an unwed mother of a boy. Josekutty is asked to see Jansi for an arranged marriage, and he mistakenly thinks that Jansi is Nancy, and he agrees to the marriage. Josekutty agrees to marry her. Nancy is found dead on the day before the marriage. Josekutty raises her child as his son. He tries to find out who fathered Nancy’s son. He learns that Monachan (Jayasurya), who was the cousin of Nancy, was in love with her, and Monachan had killed her boyfriend, who was the father of her child. He also murdered Nancy by mistake. Josekutty and Jansi make up, and decide to take care of the orphaned child as their own.

Star Cast :Prithviraj Sukumaran, Kavya Madhavan and Jayasurya
Director : Raj Babu
Writer : J. Pallassery (screenplay), Anil Raj (story)
Music Director : Saji Ram, Alex Paul
Produder : Sisile Biju Kaipparedan
Studio :Isabella Movie Tone
Digital Partner : Unisys